About Hotkey Master

Hotkey Master is a Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP shareware utility that generally accelerates your normal computer workflow. Your work in any Windows application can be greatly accelerated if you smartly use this utility. Besides this, Hotkey Master can also be used to easily access some typical Windows features.

You usually create the hotkey and assign it some system-wide key combination that activates it. You can also set the hotkey timer that activates this hotkey at specified time or even periodically at specified rate. The third option is to show the hotkey name in the tray icon menu, so you can easily access it and activate it. You can even create a shortcut on the desktop that executes the hotkey. There is also an option to execute hotkeys with the remote control.

Each hotkey has one or more commands that are being executed sequentially.

Hotkey Master is shareware. Feel free to evaluate it for 30 days (download here). After that period if you want to continue to use it, you must register it. Register fee is only $5. If you register, you are entitled to all the future upgrades free of charge.